The Benefits of Singing

There are many benefits to singing alone and with others. Among these are emotional, physical and social. While it may be true that one does not have to be particularly good at it to reap many of the benefits, with proper training one can fully realize their true potential. The pleasure of improving, alone, would enhance the experience.

The mere fact the one must take the time to practice deep abdominal breathing presents immediate benefits. Read the following article to discover the specifics…it is fascinating!  I consider myself very fortunate to spend much of my day teaching others how to breathe deeply as it allows me to do so too.

In addition, learning to sing presents the opportunity to address posture. As the body is the instrument and proper alignment is crucial, it is a must. As the singer develops, the muscles of the back and core strengthen to support the improved upright, yet free, posture. With improved posture comes a stronger, more confident presence and sense of well-being.

Of course, one cannot ignore the ability to speak more clearly (all that work on diction was not wasted!) and with increased presence. This can allow previously shy individuals to feel more confident in job interview situations or public speaking – students and professionals alike.

The therapeutic aspect of singing is not to be ignored. With the releasing of endorphins, it is believed to reduce anger, anxiety and depression too. It can be uplifting and energizing. In addition, one must address and develop their ability to express emotions and communicate the text with their whole being.

Try it out for yourself!