Breaking Bad…an Opera?

I just read an article where I found my two worlds collide….Breaking Bad….the Opera? Seriously? ….I thought…  Upon further reflection and the reality that anything and everything seems to be being made into a musical, it stands to reason that Breaking Bad and especially since one of the final episodes is entitled, Ozymandias, would be better-suited to opera. This is, of course, in reference to a well-known poem by Shelley.  The story is similar in that it depicts a king in a desert, broken and his kingdom destroyed.  Heisenberg’s hard-earned power and accomplishments also crumbled around him. Composer Sung Jin Hong is inviting input from the musical world and viewers of the show alike.  Certainly the music for the series was carefully chosen and effective in enhancing the pace of the drama.  Of course, the staging of this epic story presents other challenges and the music and the characters will have to be larger than life in order to garner an adequate response from the audience in this homage. With few details yet to be disclosed this household will wait with anticipation and a tad bit of skepticism….

Breaking Bad – Ozymandias will premiere as part of the One World Symphony’s Addiction concert series in New York in January 2014.