Skype Singing Lessons in Toronto

Skype music lessons are becoming more and more common as we try to juggle the various demands of modern life.  Having conducted a considerable amount of these lessons out of demand (either I was out of town or the student was) or just accommodating a warm-up before a particularly important audition or performance, I conclude that they are really quite effective.  Yes, occasionally there is a small lag due to bandwidth when accompanying the student.  This generally can be alleviated with a fast internet connection by both involved parties and by closing down all other browsers.  Sending mp3 files with the accompaniments prior to the lesson is probably the best solution, however.  All the student needs to do besides downloading the free skype software, is to ensure they have an adequate microphone, webcam and some good speakers.  Both the student and instructor need to set up the webcams in such a way that visibility is not compromised. Specifically, it is paramount that the teacher can see the singing student’s mouth and to be able to observe and monitor their posture and alignment.  I have found that these lessons are particularly effective when I have already established a relationship with the student and they are familiar with my language and references.  That is not to say that new contacts would not benefit, of course.  Those in remote areas or others who are away for extended periods of time, or even for those when commuting is impossible due to inclement weather – skype is absolutely a viable option.

Please contact me to discuss terms and conditions and how we can use technology to assist with your progress moving forward.