What is Vocal Pedagogy?

Pedagogy is the science of education so, naturally, Vocal Pedagogy is the science of vocal education.  This encompasses so much; from the anatomy of the voice to specific vocal techniques – which is a whole other blog unto itself!  Regardless of one’s opinion, however, it includes posture (the Alexander Technique approach is one I favour), breath support (for example, appoggio of the Bel Canto school), exploiting maximum resonance and exploring vibrato, negotiating register transitions, diction (vowel formation and articulation), consistency of tone quality and the execution of legato and staccato.  Furthermore, a vocal teacher must understand the various periods, styles and genres of vocal music and be able to coach competently in at least the three main languages of singing – French, Italian, and German.

When choosing a Singing Teacher in Toronto be sure that you ensure he or she has a firm understanding of the above criteria.  Remember….you are interviewing them as much as they are auditioning you!